This is super simple!  Because we're an honest and fair company. We cover the warranty strictly in-house. 

We don't charge for pick-up or drop off so long as what you have purchased is still under warranty.  We don't send a detective investigative unit to your home with flashlights looking for any reason NOT to cover your mattress or try to sell you overpriced protective sheets, in fear that if you don't buy, then the warranty is invalid.  (Mattress warranty requires no minimum purchase amount).  

I have been selling Kingdom mattresses for almost four years and we rarely have issues, BUT, if there ever is, you can bet that we will personally cover it, for FREE!  If the furniture you purchased breaks or malfunctions while under warranty we will pick up the parts and replace the defective piece at no charge to out customers. 

If the warranty has expired then you can call and make arrangements to pick up at one of our locations.   Additional warranty information comes wrapped with mattresses or in the boxes with furniture.